Get your leads called & contacted instantly!

A dedicated desk set up to call your leads as soon as they are generated. Logged directly in your CRM & booked into your calendar.


We only charge per conversation!

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Monthly Plan

No lock in contracts. Work Month by Month. No discounted pricing.

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Database Access
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Cold calling, prospecting calls, buyer call backs, property management calls and more
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Calling on behalf of you/r company
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Mobile, desktop & web app
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No lock in contracts.
400 conversations min
Lead is generated
When a lead is generated, our team is notified & they call the lead on behalf of your company from your dedicated number.
Logged in your CRM
Once called & qualified, the call is logged in your CRM with all relevant notes. If you have a CRM that can integrate with our phone system, the call stats & recording is also posted.
Appointment Booked
Every appointment is booked directly into your calendar with all relevant invitations and emails sent.
No Answer!
If the lead doesn't answer our calls or emails we will attempt it up to 3x times.

Stack as many of these as you like!

Our on-shore team represents your company
Since 2019 our team has been successfully representing over 350 companies across Australia, delivering great quality outbound calls.
Get your enquiries called as soon as the lead comes through!
Don't let your lead go to a competitor because you didn't get onto them quick enough. Speed and quality of response matter most!
Comprehensive training & data protection
Rest assured that our training & set up process is comprehensive and tested. All scripts & employees are approved by you prior to launch.

New Enquiry Answering

50 leads minimum
Instant lead calling
Reported on our app
CRM logging
Phone integration*
50 leads called per week
Booked in your calendar
Get Started

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any more questions? Please reach out to our friendly team!

What happens if the lead doesn't answer the call?

We try contacting each lead 3x times with an email or text sent after every attempt. If after the 3x attempt there is still no answer, we will log it accordingly in your CRM & send a final email to them.

What if I get more than 50 leads per week?

Our packages work in 50 lead blocks, meaning if you get 100 leads per week, you can purchase 2x blocks and it will ensure your 100 leads will be answered. You can use our service for as little or as many leads as you like, and we can scale up and down as you see fit!

Can we have new enquiries answered and old leads called too?

Absolutely. The New Enquiry Answering service is a dedicated desk set up solely for new leads coming through but you can also add on our Outbound Calling service to get through some of your old leads. Reach out to our team for a quote!

How does your phone integrate with my CRM?

We purchase a new dedicated number for each client that we have. Meaning you will have your own number of choice (mobile, 1300, landline etc). Then depending on your CRM, we can integrate with your CRM, allowing call logs & even AI transcriptions (depending on CRM).

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