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Our Services

Why is everyone talking about Meson?

Training & Service

We are a young, energetic and professional team! Some of our callers have had over 10,000 conversations in 2022. Our team are highly trained professionals with experience in a variety of different calls and in sounding authentic and natural. We work within your business process meaning a streamless integration between our services and your business.

Stackable Hours, Variable Cost

Find the most effective time to call your clients and we can get several people to call in that short period, maximising that time. Develop a consistent strategy to work in the background and add new campaigns whenever you need them.
We work to fit within your budget. Determine how much you want us to work entirely on your cash flow and lead flow.

Tracking & Reporting

Every conversation metric is monitored, tracked and reported upon in a personalised report for each individual client. Never have to worry about how hard an employee has worked again. Our new app allows you to see everything all in one place including all noteworthy records, key statistics and billing.

Our Results

With over 200 different agencies across Australia using us to either replace, working along side with or enhance their current sales systems we have built a perfect system for delivering results. Our management team works tirelessly to ensure we are always delivering the results you need.
See what some of our clients have to say:

Our App

Monitor & Track Your Results

Know exactly what your team is doing. No more guessing.

Mobile & Desktop

View our app either on your web browser or download it on your desktop or Mobile.

Invoice & Billing

See all your invoices all in one place. Pay your bills directly through our app.
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Key Statistics

See all your key statistics broken down by each day & month. Keep track of every call being made.

Noteworthy records

See all your noteworthy or actionable contacts updated live on your phone.

Outsourcing VS In-House

We are the experts at appointment setting, prospecting and outbound calls. Let us focus on that, while you focus on your business,
Charge per conversation not just call
Variable Cost/ Pausing
Tracked and monitored. All metrics displayed on our reporting dashboard
No human resources issues. We worry about getting the right staff, pay, insurances etc
Tried and tested model and system. Know what you are buying
Hiring Internally
Consistent salary, sick and annual leave. Fixed cost
Hard to completely micromanage exact “dollar productive” hours
Human resources issues such as days off, pay, insurances and overall employee attitude
Hiring with hopes and expectation but no certainty of their ability

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you the best in your field?

We believe in building strong and lasting relationships, we treat our service as an essential service for all businesses. We have been around the longest of all our competitors. We are local, on-shore and we are well tested. Australia's top performing Real Estate brands trust us with their databases and we have an 89% client renewal rate.

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Where is your team located?

Our entire team, including all management, accounts and callers are situated in our South Yarra office. Everyone is on-shore and all data shared is housed on our internal server, with no outsourcing.

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What sort of data security or confidentiality do you have?

All our agreements have a confidentiality and data security clause in them that need to be signed before we start any work. All of our team is located on-shore and no data or passwords are shared. We also do not share we work for you unless approved by you.

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What type of number do you call from?

We use an online mobile phone system. Meaning you clients will receive a call from a mobile number that they not only call back, but also text back if needed.

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How do you charge?

We charge per conversation, not just for calls. we speak to exactly the amount of people you want us to irrespective of how many numbers we need to ring. You determine how much you want to spend and that is how many conversations we will get through.

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Can I pause anytime?

Yes! We have no minimum time commitments to our contracts. Our month by month allows you to pause at anytime, even in the middle of the month. Our classic allows you to determine when you want calls done for you with no time limit only a minimum commitment of conversations.

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Can you provide Cold Data?

Yes absolutely. We work along side a data broker who can provide you with cold data. This is a separate company that gives us preferential rates. You own the data whether or not we call through it all.

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Do I have to pay it all up front?

Not at all! We bill around you businesses pay cycle. Therefor you can be billed either monthly, fortnightly or weekly in advance.

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Where do I begin calling in my database?

All businesses and databases are different. We have worked with almost every different CRM and can help you manage yours more effectively. Depending on your business and circumstances there are plenty of places to start. Get in contact with our team and we can help put together a strategy for you.

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How long does it take to set up & get started

For any new clients we need 5 business days to properly set up and get started. This includes script creation, data coordination, building an account in our app and training the team. For existing clients wanting to restart their account it takes 2 business days to restart.

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Can I be involved in the training process?

Yes absolutely. We can work along side you to develop a script for every campaign we run for you. This includes the training of the team and any run-throughs with the callers. You are also welcome to come in and meet the team.

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Can I trial your services?

Yes you can! There are a few different ways to trial Meson depending on your needs. Have a chat with our sales team to find out how you can get a taste of our services.

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